Nothing can be more exciting and fascinating than a new construction project. For many people, building or remolding the home or business of your dreams is the biggest undertaking they will pursue in life. It is for this reason, pre-construction contracts and documents are vital to a projects success. Here, The Bain Law Group, Cleveland  works with homeowners, business owners, architects, engineers, and contracts in contract, change orders and general documentation preparation.

Cleveland D. Bain has been a licensed General Contractor for over five years, and the The Bain Law Group has the practical experience to help you in all your construction law needs.

  • Contracts and Breach of Contract Dispute
  • Construction Document Review
  • Material and Mechanics Lien
  • Delays in Performance, Payment or Non-Payments



The Bain Law Group advises clients on all land use and zoning issues, as well as, residential and commercial codes enforcement. Listed below are examples of the the areas in which we work:

  • Annexation
  • Land Zoning and Platting
  • Condemnation and Eminent Domain
  • Easements and Right of Way
  • Historic Preservation
  • Regulatory issues
  • Deed Restrictions and Subdivision Controls
  • Codes Enforcement