The loss of a loved one is a sad and devastating occurrence. In addition to feelings of hurt and loss comes the need to take care of the business of probating the estate. My office will assist you step by step in taking care of your family’s needs and obligations. I will work compassionately to make sure the process is the given the respect and promptness it deserves.

Our office handles many of the essential estate planning needs. Whether it is for persons needing a simple will, or a high earning, large net worth estate. Each client will receive knowledgeable, sophisticated representation designed for successful estate administration and avoid maximum tax implications.

Estate Planning Essentials

Our office focuses on litigation that arises in probate. Its essential that you have an advocate working diligently and knowledgeably to protect your loved one’s estate. Our office will work with you individually or as a family to ensure a carefully and artfully executed strategy. Below are some common probate litigation issues are office covers:

Probate Litigation: